TRB LaTeX template update – A TeX-only (Lite) version

Previously, as inspired by David and Greg, I updated and uploaded a LaTeX template for TRB papers to GitHub (TRB_LaTeX_rnw).  A few people have since contacted me, and they were either confused about the use of Sweave or they actually do not need it.  Although the original template can be modified to a TeX-only template in just a few steps, it may not seem straight-forward to people who do not use R and Sweave.

I believe a good template should be easy to use and their feedback showed room for improvement.  As a result, I created a newer (lighter) version of LaTeX template for TRB papers.  This new template contains only a TeX (.tex) file, a bibliography (.bib) file, a bib style (.bst) file, and a PDF file, which is an example figure used in the template.  The updated template (TRB_LaTeX_tex) is available on GitHub:

[Note: If you are looking for Word template for TRB papers, see this post]

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  1. Hello,

    I am Ruiwei from France. Thank you very much for sharing this helpful template. It’s very very useful. I don’t use R nor Sweave, so I found your light version of LaTeX in GitHub. I succeeded in compiling, but the resulted .pdf file doesn’t have the front-page, which summarizes the authors’ and word counts. Could you please give me some help?

    Thank you very much.



    1. Ruiwei, I apologize for not getting back to you earlier, WordPress actually blocked your comment here. Thanks for reaching out via email. I am glad that the template was helpful. Cheers!

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