Web-based Video Log Tool

A Web-based Video Log Tool (https://crosswang.org/SMO/vidlog.html)

This tool was developed for FDOT personnel to efficiently search and virtually see the location of their work (e.g., safety studies, pavement condition survey, non-destructive testing, etc.) based on the 8-digit roadway ID and mile post.  Developed in JavaScript, this tool overlays existing FDOT GIS data onto Google Maps, simultaneously shows the 360° panoramic Street View using Google Maps JavaScript API, and dynamically calculates spatial information (e.g., mile points) using Turf.   This tool serves as a one-stop shop for essential information that previously is only available through multiple sources, such as Video Log Viewer, Straight-Line Diagrams, and GIS Data.  Benefits of this tool include:

  • Time-saving: One-stop shop for essential information
  • Cost-saving: In addition to existing FDOT GIS data, it uses freely available Google Maps services and other JavaScript APIs.  Cost = FREE!
  • Accessible: This is a web-based tool can be accessed on any computer and mobile devices
  • Interactive: This tool provides extensive interactivity that is user-friendly and straight-forward
  • Accurate: This tool uses Turf to dynamically calculate the mile post of any given point along the road section, and enables turn-by-turn navigation that helps field personnel get to their job site accurately