Quick review of my 2013

2013 was a pretty special year to me.  Here is a brief list of major career and life events that made my 2013 special:

  • January 1: Started the year by completing a 1,800-mile road trip crossing 10 states in the east coast
  • January 16: Made my lectern presentation debut at the TRB Annual Meeting
  • January 28: Received the most encouraging message I have ever had from a student I taught 12 years ago
  • January 28: Passed the written comprehensive exam
  • March 15: Turned 30
  • March 29: Awarded the Scholarship for Studying Abroad from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan
  • May 22: Passed the oral comprehensive exam (half way through my Ph.D. study)
  • August 5: Ordained as a deacon of the First Baptist Church Smyrna
  • August 13: 3-year mark in the US
  • August 23: Awarded ITS Georgia Wayne Shackelford Scholarship
  • November 21: Married for 4 years!
  • November 21: Awarded Georgia ITE Transportation Engineering Scholarship
  • December 10: Awarded ASHE Babs Abubakari Memorial Scholarship
  • December 12: Awarded the IRF Road Scholar Program Fellowship
  • December 29: Became a father

As a person, becoming a father was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.  I’ve never thought I would love somebody this much 🙂

As the head of the family, 2013 was very special to me, financially.  I received a total of $40,000 of scholarship/fellowship, which was really a grace for us (now 3 people) to continue our adventure in the US.

As a Ph.D. student, passing the written comprehensive exam was a big deal.  It was not very easy for me but thanks to many professors and colleagues who helped, I survived!  Moreover, winning almost all scholarships I applied in the year was a great recognition of my professional/communication capability, and more importantly, a boost to my confidence, which has had its ups and downs in the past three years.

God is good!

We three

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