Finally, a real Microsoft Word template for TRB papers

Thousands of papers have been submitted to the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting annually; however, unlike most other journals and/or conference papers, there has yet been any official templates that help authors prepare their manuscripts.  The LaTeX template originally developed by Pritchard and updated by Macfarlane and Wang provides a working solution for authors intend to prepare their TRB papers using LaTeX.  TRB provides a model paper in Microsoft Word format that many people have been using as a template; however, this model paper is not a true template with ready-to-use styles and formatting.  In order to provide a TRB paper template that not only helps authors prepare papers but also ensures the consistency of paper formats, a MS Word template is developed and provided here for anyone to use.

This TRB paper template is a MS Word file that pre-defines styles for the headings and captions, it also counts the total word counts (including figure and table counts) automatically using a simple VBA macro.  Interested readers can download the macro-enabled Word template here: TRBPaperTemplate_Macro.  In June, 2017, I uploaded a macro-free (lite) version of this template, you may download it here: TRBPaperTemplate_Lite.  Version updates and the VBA source code are all provided on my GitHub page:

Please feel free to comment below or contact me if this template is helpful or if you have any suggestions.


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